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About Ukweli

Founded in 2020, Ukweli - The Howard University Undergraduate Research Journal. Housed within the Office of Undergraduate Studies, supported by the Office of the President and the Provosts, and the Office of Research, Ukweli is a student-led, faculty supported research publication. Ukweli seeks to publish the highest-quality academic writing from Howard University undergraduate students.

Behind the Name

Ignorance enslaves the mind, knowledge sets it free. We christened the Howard University Undergraduate Research Journal (HUURJ) as Ukweli. Ukweli translates into truth in Swahili and was inspired by the Howard University motto: In Truth and Service. Ukweli was born from our mission to provide a platform for HBCU students to showcase their research. The goal of creating this platform is to enhance Howard’s undergraduate population’s academic experience by promoting truth through interdisciplinary research in the fields in which they care most. Please help us in our search for truth by submitting your research!

Our Mission

The Mission of Ukweli - The Howard University Undergraduate Research Journal:
  • • Develop a virtual learning center for the exchange of knowledge and ideas across disciplines.
  • • Elevate Howard University as an impeccable undergraduate research institution; to provide a sustainable outlet and interest in research and stylized writing within the undergraduate community.
  • • Orient research within the undergraduate experience and environment in a more centralized manner.
  • • Encourage undergraduate students to connect with the university via scholarly research.
  • • Raise esteem and expectations in research amongst HBCU students.

Ukweli - The Howard University Undergraduate Research Journal (HUURJ) ensures this environment by providing Howard University undergraduate students access to becoming published scholars. Authors in The Howard University Undergraduate Research Journal gain satisfaction and peer recognition of published scholarship as well as preparation for research outside of the collegiate environment.

A Note From the Founding Team of Ukweli:

Thank you for viewing Ukweli - The Howard University Undergraduate Research Journal. There is no doubt that nwe are living through a time in which inequities globally are more apparent than they have been in our lifetimes. The beginnings of Ukweli - The Howard University Undergraduate Research Journal began not long before the global community was faced with the challenge of a global respiratory virus, grappling with solutions to the complex and deep institution and history of racism and oppression of Black people, especially Black Americans, amongst several other decisions and challenges caused by an intersection of issues exacerbated by a pandemic and economic downturn. Though nobody could have planned for all the past year has had to offer us, we are deeply grateful and honored to be able to share the academic thought of Howard University students, as this University and its students — defined by its resilience and continuous ingenuity — are especially positioned to be leaders in the global arena in the midst of uncertainty.

There is no doubt that we are living through unique times, as the COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted our daily routines, finances, and personal/public health. This pandemic has served as a catalyst of exposing inequities and system inefficiencies on a global scale, forcing us to rethink the nature of our economic, political and scientific systems and decision-making processes.

As we continue to lean on scientists and experts of all fields to be leaders in making the best, most informed decisions —it is ‘truth’ that we realized is underlying all of these. Truth is the ultimate purpose and goal of Ukweli - The Howard University Undergraduate Research Journal. Howard University has a unique history of being a major global stakeholder in black academic thought.

Publication of black academic thought and research from Howard University is essential. Cybersecurity, public health disparities, Black Lives Matter, access to resources, enhanced supply chain and manufacturing processes, online learning, different investment strategies, improved research funding and priorities, and job creation and recruitment are among the many topics being highlighted as we rethink our present operations and post-Pandemic future. Current challenges are especially pertinent to the generation that Howard University undergraduate students are a part. We as students must lead in developing research to ensure disadvantaged groups are not counted out of policy and decision making during this critical time, and Howard University is uniquely positioned to provide a platform for us to share our scholarship.

Thank you again. Our entire team looks forward to sharing with you our inaugural publication this Spring 2023.

The Founding Team of Ukweli