Lauren Bush is a junior majoring in both chemistry and political sciences with a minor in mathematics. She is a member of the Karsh STEM Scholars Cohort II, an ambassador for Soul Trak, and the secretary of the North Carolina Club at Howard. Bush's research interests lie with International Health Policy and its effects on communities worldwide.
Lauren Bush
Alexandra Grayson is a junior pursuing a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Environmental Studies and a minor in Economics. She is a student member of the Environmental Studies Council and a mentor at the National Capitol YWCA. Her personal research interests are at the intersection of climate science, socioeconomic challenges and corresponding research & development policy.
Alexandra Grayson
Leigh Harris, along with being apart of the journal, is a part of the chemistry mentorship program at Howard. Harris plans on becoming a doctor specializing in Obstetrics/pediatrics. Harris has conducted research focusing on women's health and the lack of equal healthcare in the black community.
Leigh Harris
Ayanni Charles
Cassandra Berko's research interests revolve around mental health in the Black community, social justice, and aspects of counterculture, especially in connection to music and art. Berko hopes to eventually conduct research on how culture impacts the mental health of Black youth.
Cassandra Berko
Creative Director for Layout
Lacey Johnson is involved on campus life through CASCADE, where they serve as the lead historian. Johnson's research interests involve the political theory in literature, philosophy and media, and theories of oppression and domination.
Lacey Johnson
Layout Team
Francis Elimbi
Francis Elimbi
Layout Team
A���sha Philippe is a junior mechanical engineering major from Milwaukee, WI. At present, her personal research interests lie in sustainable agriculture.
A���sha Philippe
Design & Technology Specialist
Antonia Oduguwa is a junior biology major and chemistry & photography double minor seeking to earn an MD/PhD in biochemistry. Oduguwa is currently a Bison Tutor, NSBE Jr mentor, and Karsh STEM Scholar.
Antonia Oduguwa
Design & Technology Specialist
Kelsey Johnson is a member of the Annenberg Honors Program and conducts research there on gerrymandering and its effect on minority communities. Harris hopes to bring awareness to how minority communities are being politically targeted and garner support for legislation to end racial gerrymandering.
Kelsey Johnon
PR Director
Pharren Miller is a senior political science and Afro-American studies major, from Bossier City, Louisiana. Miller's personal research interest includes: Black Feminist Thought, Gender Studies, Black Girlhood Studies, Body Politics, and Ethnography.
Pharren Miller
Social Media Chair
Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown
Graphic Designer
Ahlina Archibald is a junior biology major and Chemistry minor pursuing medicine. Archibald is currently serving on the Globemed Eboard. Harris enjoys biomedical research and has interned researching Parkinsons disease and cancer epigenetics.
Ahlina Archibald
COAS Acquisition Editor Director
Abigail Hall is a Howard University Capstone Scholar majoring in political science within the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program.
Abigail Hall
COAS Acquisition Editor
Alexandria Adigun is a senior biology major, chemistry and psychology double minor from Houston, TX! Adigun is interested in developmental biology research and hope to pursue an MD/PhD. Outside of the lab, Adigun can be found practicing yoga or trying out a new recipe.
Alexandria Adigun
COAS Acquisition Editor
Oona Nelson is a senior international business major with a concentration with emerging nations and Sub-Saharan African with a double minor in political science and economics. Nelson looking forward to being an acquisition editor and a member of the review team for Ukweli this year.
Oona Nelson
SOB Acquisition Editor
Arrius Nelson is a junior legal communications major and philosophy minor from West Palm Beach, Florida. Nelson firmly believes that research is the match that'll set fire to the desire to want to learn more.
Arrius Nelson
SOC Acquisition Editor
Kimberly Gardner is a rising senior and an inaugural member of the Howard University Karsh STEM Scholars Program. She plans on pursuing her Ph.D. in nutrition-focused microbiology in the near future.
Kimberly Gardner
CNAHS Acquisition Editor