Submission Formatting must not exceed 40 pages, including all figures/tables and references. Research articles, literature reviews, and research reports must be double spaced, in Time New Roman 12-point font, standard margins, and line and pages. Formats accepted for all types of submissions include .docx, .doc, or .pdf. The document submitted must be an anonymous copy i.e. all identifiers including names must be removed from the submitted document. Figures and tables must be appropriately referenced, labelled, and marked. Citations must be in footnotes embedded within the main text. References should be formatted as follows: Authors (Year). Title. Source/Journal/Book. Volume, Page Numbers.

The submission should be of a similar structure and style to that of typical articles published in professional journals within the respective field. Submissions may include the following sections:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussions
  • Figures/Tables
  • References
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