What are the submission requirements for the journal?
  • The first author must be Howard University undergraduate.
  • All submissions must be accompanied by an abstract and summary as described in the submission form.
Are there specific formatting guidelines for the submission?

The formatting guidelines are as follows:

  • Submissions may not exceed 40 pages.
  • Text must be double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, and standard margin.
  • The article must be submitted in .docx, .doc, or .pdf format.
  • Citations should be footnotes embedded within the main text.
  • references should be formatted as follows- Authors (Year). Title. Source/Journal/Book.Volume, Page Numbers.
When is the deadline to submit articles?
The deadline to submit articles for the Spring 2021 Issue is November 20, 2020. However, manuscripts submitted after this date will be reviewed on a rolling basis for another publication year.
What types of research (disciplines) are showcased in the journal?
The research disciplines include Natural Sciences & Engineering, Humanities & Social Sciences, Business, Fine Arts, Education.

Therefore with this in mind, formal research papers will be encompassed, but to expand the diversity of the journal to a more interdisciplinary focus, course essays, senior theses, study abroad write-ups, case studies, reviews, op-eds (rooted in comprehensive research and factual information) are all acceptable forms for submissions and will be considered for publication.
When is the journal released?
The journal will be published biannually (Fall/Sep-Oct, Spring/Mar-Apr) after its original publication cycle of only one published journal for the academic year of 2020-2021.
Can I submit if my research is still ongoing?
If your research is ongoing, you may still submit your paper for consideration. The research must be completed by the time the journal is published. However, submissions cannot be published or undergoing review in another publication.
Can I submit multiple articles during the same submission period?
Yes, you can submit multiple articles during the same submission period.
What do I do if my research fits into multiple categories?
You may select multiple categories when submitting your research from our drop-down menu of included disciplines. It will be considered in the areas you select.
How does the review process work?
You submit your article during the 1-2 month submission period. If selected, a reviewer will contact you with any edits that need to be made for the publication in the next semester. Reviewers are both undergraduate students with experience reviewing research papers as well as faculty members.
Can I submit to Ukweli if my research was conducted in a group?
Yes, all author(s) must consent to publication if their manuscript is selected for publication.
If the author is graduating before the publication date, can they still submit?
Yes, all undergraduates as well as graduated students within one year of graduation date may submit an article to be reviewed.
What happens once an essay is submitted?
The submissions are received by the editors-in-chief, who forward the anonymous submissions to two members of the Discipline-Specific Student Review team who will not know the identity of the other individual with your submission. The members of the review team will review the articles and send any necessary corrections to the author. Following this process, the author will be notified if their piece is selected for publication.
If my submission is not selected can I resubmit the same one?
Authors who wish to submit a submission that was first unsuccessful in the peer review process should feel free to resubmit during submission periods following feedback, notes and commentary provided by the Discipline-Specific Student Review Team.
If my article has already been published in a journal, can I still submit it?
Submissions to the journal cannot be undergoing review in another publication. Manuscripts may be published in other journals once the Ukweli review period is complete.