Criterion and eligibility for review and potential publication in Ukweli is as follows:

  • The first author must be a Howard University undergraduate student or has been, and is within one year from graduation at the time of the Call for Submissions announcement.
  • A submission cannot already be undergoing review in another publication. It may be submitted to another journal following review by Ukweli.
  • All author(s) must consent to publication if the submission is selected for publication.

  • The types of submissions considered for review by Ukweli are:

  • Original Research Article: details novel research completed by an undergraduate student and describes the input to a particular field of study.
  • Literature Review: analyzes scholarly sources including journal articles or books and their connection to a specific research question.
  • Photo Essay: creates a visual narrative through a sequence of photographs.
  • Research Report: summarizes information from a previously conducted research project.

  • Research conducted in a research laboratory or center, during a summer research opportunity, in a course, during study abroad, and personal individual or group research projects are all welcome.”

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